Your ultimate guide to Bali accommodation in the main areas

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Bali accommodation offers numerous options, from the budget guesthouses to five-star luxury hotels and villas, Bali has all type of accommodations that meet your budget requirement.

This article gives you an overview of the accommodation in Bali main areas that help you deciding where to stay and what to expect.

Bali Accommodation in the main areas

1. Bali accommodation: Kuta & Legian

Kuta and Legian is the the most developed area in Bali, therefore it has great options for any kind of accommodation based on your budget. Kuta and Legian is also has easy access to the most of the southern parts of Bali.

Kuta & Legian accommodation, what to expect?

The budget accommodation like guest house, small hotels and ‘losmen’ offer basic rooms with a lot of personality for a few dollars per day.

The larger budget hotel chains have sprung up in Kuta and Legian in recent years, with clean standard rooms available at great rates. The prices depend on the facilities provided, such as whether or not it has hot water, air conditioning, or a pool is included, and asking for better rates is common.

Kuta and Legian are not quiet, by any means, and visitors who stay here should be prepared for action and even crowds at all times of day and night. It is the center of busy restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and the beach is never more than a short walk away.

Kuta is also a great place to learn to surf and meet new people.

2. Bali accommodation: Seminyak

Seminyak is the cosmopolitan and fashionable part of Bali located farther north of Kuta and Legian.

Seminyak accommodation, what to expect?

In Seminyak you can find the sophisticated accommodation and surroundings. Seminyak hotels are more upscale, ranging from affordable and stylish to luxurious one.

Here you can also find an number of outstanding private villas for either short or long-term stays, which normally also offer all inclusive services such as the staff that will cook, clean, and look after your every need.

Seminyak is great option for the socialista, honeymooners, or families. This area also offer a number of great world-class but affordable restaurants, clean and pleasant beaches, and fashionable boutiques, and kids’ play areas.

3. Bali accommodation: Canggu

Canggu is located on the north of Seminyak, beyond Petitenget the upcoming area of Canggu is gaining ground.

Accommodation in Canggu, what to expect?

If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunset, white sand beach, and into surfing this is one your destinations in Bali.

Hotels and villas of all segments have opened in the last couple of years, and restaurants and shops are popping up everywhere. It feels as if you visit Seminyak 15 or 2o years ago.

The massive Canggu Club with its bowling and waterpark, and the trendy Finn’s Beach Club are now major attractions in this area, where travellers, locals, and expatriates mingle. Echo Beach, Batu Bolong and Nelayan are part of Canggu.

4. Bali accommodation: Ubud

Ubud is the hilly and artsy part of Bali in Gianyar Regency.

Ubud accommodation, what to expect?

In Ubud, the guesthouses, hotels, and villas share the village’s peaceful atmosphere and focus on culture and art. Backpackers can stay in comfortable losmen that have been run by local families for decades, and get a true feeling for rustic traditional life in Bali. Chickens, playing children, and perhaps the odd monkey are included.

Yoga retreats and other spiritually focused accommodation can also easily be found by the soul-seeking traveler. Many mid-range hotels offer families comfort and style, with local stonework, wood-carvings, and fish ponds as all part of the deal. Meanwhile, some of the world’s most luxurious hotel chains have created havens in the surrounding mountains, offering incredible style and world-class comfort for travelers seeking peace and serenity.

Ubud has long been the home of choice for artists and free thinkers from around the world, so there is no shortage of longer-term accommodation available. Vacation rentals can be found for a wide variety of budgets.

In the center of Ubud, where you can find the meditation, traditional arts, and culture centres, with some of the best restaurants in Bali and souvenirs shops.

5. Bali accommodation: Sanur

Sanur is one of the oldest tourist regions in Bali, and yet has remained calm and quiet, run according to traditional principles by a tight-knit group of Balinese villages.

Sanur accommodation, what to expect?

Sanur is for those who prefer the tranquility, relaxation and the luxury accommodation.

This location is ideal for families, with a peaceful white sand beach fronting a calm section of the Indian Ocean that allows for water sports of all types.

Sanur is also a base for diving and snorkeling. It is a great place to find mid-range accommodation, an affordably priced beachfront hotel, or a villa for longer stay.

Tradition is strong in the area, which is known as a center for magic, meaning that visitors get a true taste of Bali while still having access to modern amenities.

6. Bali accommodation : Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is located  on the southern tip of the Bali island.

Nusa Dua accommodation, what to expect?

Nusa Dua is the perfect place for those who are looking for the Bali beachfront luxury hotels. Here, the world’s foremost hotel operators have set up lush beachfront compounds, each with its own system of swimming pools and restaurants.

Massages, spa treatments, kids’ clubs, and tasteful boutiques can all be found within the grounds of these spacious properties.

Surfing and watersports are also available in the stretch reaching up to Benoa. While some mid-range options and private villas are found in this area, Nusa Dua is really for those who want to enjoy the finest accommodation in a uniquely Balinese way.

7. Bali accommodation : Bukit, Pecatu, Uluwatu, Ungasan

Bukit, Pecatu, Uluwatu and Ungasan is located on the west of Nusa Dua, on the tip of the southern Bukit Peninsula.

Accommodation in Bukit, Pecatu, Uluwatu, Ungasan, what to expect?

If you are beach lovers and looking for world class surfing spots these areas are your destinations.

Many backpackers from all over the world stay on the good basic accommodation here, which normally provides only a bed and a fan. However, there are also numerous mid-range hotels available here, which normally owned and managed by the local families. The services include a restaurant or bar and swimming pool.

The luxury hotels  and villas along the cliffs of the Bukit area are also offered by this part of the island, offering upscale accommodation with spectacular views.

8. Bali accommodation : Jimbaran

Jimbaran is located on the north of Uluwatu.

Jimbaran accommodation, what to expect?

Jimbaran is the home to the tallest hotel in Bali and known with its Jimbaran view. This part of the island was previously known as a small fishing village but now it is becoming a tourist resort, offering many great seafood restaurants and luxury 5 star hotels.

Apart from the luxury hotels, the high-end villas in this area, particularly on the ridges of high ground above Jimbaran Bay are also available in Jimbaran.

Yes, the budget accommodation is also available in Jimbaran but it does not many options.

It is safe to swim on the white sandy beach on the bay and probably enjoy the delicious grilled seafood at the restaurants by the beach after.

9. Bali accommodation : Candidasa and Amed

Candidasa and Amed are located on the east side of Bali island.

Candidasa and Amed accommodation, what to expect?

Accommodation here suits best for the families, single or couples who want to have the relaxing time. These areas are more quiet than other part of Bali.

In this area there are wide range of mid-level hotel options, which most of them featuring the beautiful beach views, and it is perfect for snorkeling and diving.

On the north side of Amed there is place called Lovina, where you can watch the dolphins and enjoy the black sand which is also safe for swimming. Lovina is also another option for staying in comfortable and peaceful hotels.

Please note that in whichever area in Bali you are staying, you always can get the cheaper price for the longer stay.

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