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Mount Agung Bali Indonesia

Mount Agung, the highest peak in Indonesia (3,033 meters above sea level), and is the fifth highest volcano in the whole of Indonesia.

Mount Agung has huge spiritual significance to the people of the island, and is home to the ‘Mother Temple’ of Besakih. It forms part of a chain of volcanoes that make up the backbone of Bali.

According to the Balinese legend, mount Agung was created when the Hindu God Pasupati split Mount Meru (the spiritual axis of the universe) and formed Mount Agung with a fragment.

The last eruption of Mount Agung was in 1963 which was also the largest 20th century eruptions anywhere in the world.

The views, landscape, flora and fauna of Mount Agung

The view from this sacred mountain is so beautiful from all directions. Starting with the lust of the forest at the lower elevations of the mountain. Then you will enjoy the volcanic rocks and ash scree.

From the highest peak you will witness the magnificent views including the sunrise above the Mount Rinjani Lombok to the east, if you get at the peak at sunrise time.

You might meet the wild pigs and macaques, lots of birds including hawks and eagles along your way and of course monkeys.

Mount Agung Sunrise Credit to Darren Willman
Magnificent Mount Agung Sunrise Credit to Darren Willman

Climate and the best time to climb

The lower elevations has the tropical climate but the higher you climb the colder it becomes.

In general the climate at mount agung is pretty much as pleasant as other mountains in Indonesia. It is lush and green influenced by the clouds coming from the west while from the east is drier.

During the dry season is the best time to climb Mount Agung Bali around May to October around the year. Due to the heavy rain it is recommended to climb this mountain around December to February within the year.

Mount Agung hiking guides

Most the travelers climb this mountain using the tour guide package, besides, you are always recommended to climb Indonesia’s volcanic mountain with the local guide for the safety reason.

One day is an ideal time to climb mount Agung, the trekking package you pay is usually including the late night pick up from wherever you stay in Bali and they will drop you back to your hotel after climbing. It takes about 2-3 hours from the center to the hiking starting point.

There are two starting points of Mount Agung, it is Pura Agung temple (southern side) and Besakih temple (west side), Pura Agung temple is the most common one compared to Besakih.

Hiking independently is also possible using the Google Maps and GPS navigation but only for the experienced hikers.

Climbing routes

1. From Pura Pasar Agung Temple –  it takes about 3 to 4 hours to ascend until you reach the summit, I depends on your fitness level.

You will start the hiking from the starting points to a lush rainforest which is steadily thins and the trail.

The hiking trails get progressively more challenging but not to worry just stay focus and stay safe. Try to find the best way around small rock obstacles, slippery zones and what will either be running or dry stream beds depending on recent weather and the season.

The total hiking is about 8 kilometers ascending and descending with nearly 1200 vertical meters to climb, therefore you have to have a reasonable level of fitness to climb this mountain.

If you want to catch the sunrise starting around 0200 hrs or 0230 hrs is recommended so that you will be able to get to the highest peak at sunrise time by 0600hrs.

2. Starting the hike from Besakih (west) – Besakih has more difficult trails, it takes about 6 to 7 hours for ascending to the highest peak. Therefore if you want to catch up the sunrise it is best to start from around 2300hrs.

Climbing advices, fees, and permits

Mount Agung climbing involves the real hiking physical activities, therefore make sure to have all your climbing equipment prepared including good mountain climbing shoes.

If you pay a package service guides, all fees like permits and entrance fees are included in the package. And the one day package guides normally takes around Rp 500,000 and Rp 1,000,000, it depends on type of services they offer.

And please note that those who take motorbike have to pay Rp 3,000 for parking fee and Rp 5000 for the cars. The parking area is available at the starting point which makes it handy.

And if you are hiking independently be aware of aggressive local guides who offer you their services. It is at your choice, if you want to hike independently make sure to read the route descriptions and other safety instructions carefully for your own safety.

You also should read the safety and route instructions carefully even when you are hiking with the guides.

Last but not least, enjoy the trails and stay safe!

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