Yogyakarta transport: getting to and around Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Rickshaw - One of Yogyakarta transport

Yogyakarta transport – Just like other big cities in Indonesia, you can get to Yogyakarta easily internationally or domestically.

Yogyakarta Transport

This article provides the information on Yogyakarta transport modes based on the local knowledge of the writer who have been living in Yogyakarta for one year.

It covers all information you need to know on Yogyakarta transport including how to get in and get around Yogyakarta

Getting to Yogyakarta

Getting to Yogyakarta by plane

Yogyakarta International Airport

Yogyakarta’s International Airport is called Adisucipto International Airport (IATA: JOG), located about 8km east of Yogyakarta city. It is the busy airport (even small) mostly-domestic hub.

Getting to Yogyakarta from overseas by plane

Yogyakarta has international connections to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, plus many domestic links. AirAsia connects Yogyakarta to both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Silkair and Tigerair also flies from Singapore.

Getting to Yogyakarta by domestic flights

Garuda Indonesia serves a frequent connections for every two hours from Jakarta to Yogyakarta and other way around and it takes 50 minutes for one way flight.

You could also fly from and to Bali (Denpasar) and other major cities in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Getting to Yogyakarta by Land (Bus or Train)

Getting to (and from ) Yogyakarta by Bus

Yogyakarta bus connects to all over Java and Bali mainly served from its main bus terminal, Giwangan, located about 5km southeast of the Yogyakarta city centre.

It is recommended to take the luxury bus for the long trip and make sure to buy the ticket from bus terminal to get the official and good price.

However, you could also get your bus tickets from the busy travellers road at Jl Mangkubumi, Jl Sosrowijayan or Jl Prawirotaman. These bus agents can also arrange pick-up from your hotel.

Getting to Yogyakarta by trains

It is very pleasant to take trains for the long hours trip within Java, if you travel during the day you will get a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape views.

The trains to Yogyakarta from Jakarta take between 7-12h from the main Yogyakarta station, also known as Tugu Station.

The Argo-class trains (Argo Lawu and Argo Dwipangga) are the best of the lot being the most comfortable and fastest for 7.5 hours journey and cosys about Rp 380,000.

Taksaka is almost as good as the argo class, it costs about Rp 235,000 to Rp 265,000. These express services connect Yogyakarta and Jakarta in 7-8 hours, either at daytime or overnight.

You can check the price and schedule on the official Indonesia Railway Website.

You can also travel to Yogyakarta from other main cities in Indonesia like from Bandung and Surabaya.

Yogyakarta train stations

Stasiun Tugu (Tugu Central Railway Station) address is  Jl. Mangkubumi, phone number is +62 274 589685. It is the main central station, serves big city destinations such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Solo.

Stasiun Lempuyangan (Lempuyangan Railway Station) is the other train stations in Yogyakarta located at Jl. Lempuyangan serving the economy class trains. It is also serves to the big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya.

Yogyakarta transport to get around Yogyakarta

Getting around Yogyakarta by Bus

Yogyakarta has good public bus serving the locals and tourists, it is called TransJogja which only stop at designated shelter as marked on TransJogja map.

Each stop’s name is indicated by the landmark nearest the location – for example ” Terminal Prambanan” means the stop is near the Prambanan Temple. The bus stop is built like a trailer, with an entrance gate where you can buy a ticket, preferably with a small bill, and wait for the right bus to come.

Check with the TransJogja on board staff standing by the door to make sure you are taking the right bus.

Rental Cars

It is also very easy to rent a car in Yogyakarta since it is one of the top Indonesia tourist destinations. The cars are available in a variety of types, SUV or motorcycle. And the price is also varies depends on the type of the cars and the length of renting time. At average it costs about $50 for 24 hours including the driver and patrol. But you could also rent it per 12 hours or 6 hours.


If you want to experience Yogyakarta rickshaw, there are many of them for hiring around Malioboro street. Use your bargaining skill for a great price.

Please note that most of the Yogyakarta rickshaw drivers don’t speak English, but you will be fine as long as you know where you want to go and know how to say the amount of money in Bahasa Indonesia. You can also write it down and show them or ask a help from your hotel.

Yogyakarta Rickshaw - One of Yogyakarta transport
Yogyakarta Rickshaw – One of Yogyakarta transport

Cycling around Yogyakarta

This is my favorite things to get around Yogyakarta, it is really nice to get around the city and country in Yogyakarta by cycles. You can rent the bicycle which only cost you about Rp 30,000 per day.

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