The ultimate guide to Mt Kelimutu National Park Flores Indonesia

Kelimutu Sunrise Credit to Michael Day

Kelimutu is a volcano on the Kelimutu National Park in Flores island, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Moni (about nine miles) is the nearest village to this volcano and is located in the central of Flores Island.

Kelimutu travel guide

It is known with its unique three volcanic lakes that spontaneously change colour. The three craters which are usually dark red, green and light green, but the colours are not fixed and depend on the activities of the volcano, so the colour changes from lighter or darker.

It is similar to white crater (“Kawah Putih”) near Ciwidey on the island of Java has only one lake, with light green to white colour.

How to get to Kelimutu?

Kelimutu Sunrise Credit to Michael Day
Kelimutu Sunrise Credit to Michael Day

Flights to Maumere and Ende

The closest airports to Kelimutu is Maumere and Ende which serve several flights from Denpasar Bali, even though it is limited.

Travelling from Maumere or Ende to Moni

From Maumere to Moni town takes about 3 to 4 hours drive, and it takes about 45 minutes drive to the Kelimutu parking area.

The other option is flying into Ende. It takes about 2 hours drive to moni, the nearest village.

You next destination is Moni, the closest village to Kelimutu.

How to get to Moni?

If you want to see the sunrise, it is best to stay overnight in this village.

From Maumere to Moni is about 95km and 3-4 hours travel time by bus. And Ende to Moni is about 50km which takes about 2 hours travel time by bus.

From Moni to the Kelimutu hike starting point

From Moni, the best and most practical option is to rent an ojek (motorbike taxi), which takes about 30 minutes and costs about Rp. 30,000. Or you may also walking up which takes about 2 hours or so.

From the parking area, you will then need to do about 30 minutes easy hike up to the peak.

Where to stay?

You can easily find guesthouse at affordable price in Moni, the average price for one night is Rp 150.000 for a double bed including breakfast.

Where to eat in Moni?

The restaurants are available around Moni which costs a little bit higher price compared to standard Indonesia meal cost, for one meals are about Rp. 50,000, and sister’s restaurant is on of other many options where you can eat.

Kelimutu entrance fee

The entrance fee for the foreigners is Rp 150.000 during the week and Rp Rp 275,000 during the weekend and it is really worth it. If you are taking a motorbike you will have to pay Rp 5000 parking and Rp 10,000 for a car.

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