Top things to do in Ubud that you should not miss

Things to do in Bali - mount batur sunrise

Whether you are you going to have your long Bali trip or just one week travel time, visiting Ubud is definitely the highly recommended things to do in Bali.

Ubud is one of the top places to visit in Bali where you can witness the wonderful Balinese culture with laid back lifestyle and people. It also offers many things to do that one or two days is not enough to explore.

It is where the ancient sites, temples and artisans with their handmade works are located and beautiful nature too. And the world class spa and yoga center will make your stay in Ubud perfect!

Here’s the top list things to do in Ubud so that would be a lot easier for to plan your Bali trip.

Top things to do in Ubud

1. Climb Mount Batur and get there at sun rising time

Sunrise at mount Batur and the views are totally worth getting up early for.

Things to do in Bali - mount batur sunrise
One of top things to do in Bali – watching mount batur sunrise

Find out the practical guide to climb mount batur here. 

2. Cycling around the beautiful nature in Ubud

One of great things to do in Ubud is cycling around and enjoy  the beautiful nature. You have many options of bicycle rental places with good price here, just try to bargain if you could. Ask local people or seek advice from your hotel on where to sign up for the cycling tour.

Ubud cycling paths and views
One of Ubud cycling paths and views

3. Take a motorbike to visit Gunung Kawi in Tampaksiring

Gunung Kawi is one of recommended place to visit in Ubud Bali, it is a little bit off the main road and you will meet street vendor and handmade shops along the way. Then you will be at the hidden temple by the water. You will get your eyes pampered by a beautiful terraces and 11th Century temple across the Pakerisan River. Here you pretty much can feel the real Bali, a spiritual place and peaceful atmosphere.

Gunung Kawi Temple Ubud Bli
Gunung Kawi Temple Ubud Bali, one of best things to do in Ubud

You have to wear sarong to enter the site that you can borrow at the entrance gate. If you are not sure about the location, you can use google map or ask the direction from your homestay or hotel where you are staying.

4. Visit Istana Tampaksiring after Gunung Kawi

This place worth stopping for if you are going to visit Gunung Kawi since it is nearby Gunung Kawi, the other unique spiritual site in Ubud that for sure you will enjoy.

5. And more motorbike fun to Tegenungan Waterfall

Visiting Tegenungan Waterfall is another great thing to do in Ubud. It is relatively easy to visit this waterfall by a motorbike. And again, google map and the people at your hostel can help!

Tegenungan Waterfall in Ubud Bali
Tegenungan Waterfall in Ubud Bali, one of recommended things to do in Ubud

6. Take a walk to the Campuhan Ridge walk

Taking a walk by the Campuhan is definitely another recommended things to do in Ubud. It is better to do in in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the sun heating, but if you don’t mind at anytime during the day is fine.

Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud Bali
Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud Bali, one of favorite things to do Ubud

7. Explore Goa Gajah temple

Exploring Goa Gajah is definitely great things to do in Ubud, it is from the 9th Century and not far from Tampaksiring and Gunung Kawi and is not only one of top things to do in Ubud but also listed as one of the top things to do in Bali

Goa Gajah means Elephant Cave in Indonesian and sits in Bedulu Village that offers an impressive archaeological wonder made up of a large temple complex.

8. Monkey Forest worth listing in your things to do in Ubud

The other popular things to do in Ubud is visiting monkey forest. It is where the temples from the 14th century are located within a conservation area.

It is also where you can meet lots of monkeys and the local people believe that this primates is the spiritual animals that guard the temples.

Find more details and guide to monkey forest here.

9. Pamper your eyes with the beautiful scenery of Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Visiting Tegalalang rice field is definitely one of recommended things to do in Ubud. You probably have seen many pictures of Tegalalang rice terrace and it is time to witness it yourself. Beautiful site and of course looks great in the photographs.

Tegalalang rice terrace by Alex Handoko
Tegalalang rice terrace by Alex Handoko, a must things to do in Ubud Bali

These rice fields terrace is created as a result of an irrigation technique called ‘subak’ which creates a stepped landscape and you can visit the terraces after a short drive to the outskirts of Ubud.

10. Having a chill time with cup of coffee at Studio Seniman coffee shop

Here’s where you can find great coffee shop with ‘style’, they serves coffee the regions across Indonesia and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. They makes the “real coffee” and great choices of beverages, and of course they offer both local and international food, and the only serve alcohol in the evenings.

11. Do museum hopping

Visit one of all cool museums below:

Puri Lukisan art museums (painting museum)

This is the oldest art museum in Bali that displayed traditional Bali painting located at Jl Raya Ubud.

Neka art museum

I you want to learn about painting development in Bali then you totally need to visit this museum.

Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)

Founded by Agung Rai, it is the gallery and cultural center located at Jl Raya Pengosekan

Museum Rudana

It is very large museum founded by local politician and art lover ‘Nyoman Rudana’ that exhibits interesting traditional paintings and also modern pieces.

Blanco Renaissance Museum

It is located next to Campuan bridge, therefore it is probably good idea to do it at the same time with your Campuan walk. This museum exhibits the masterpieces of Don Antonio Blanco, his collections containing of erotic art, illustrated poetry and playing the role of an eccentric, self- adulatory artist who died in Bali in 1999.

12. Visit Puri Saren Palace

It is also known as the Ubud Royal Palace and is located in the city center of the city, builts in the 1800s.

The Royal Family still lives in sections of the palace which is also used for the ceremonial, you can take a nice walk around the gardens here and enjoy the Balinese ornate architecture.

It is also the place where you can watch a traditional Balinese dance performances. As it is  close to the Ubud Art Market therefore it is good idea to probably to visit both the palace and the art market on the same day.

13. Enjoy the healthy lunch at Alchemy Cafe

This is the very popular cafe in Ubud that serve great raw and vegan foods on the island.

14. Visit Gianyar Night Market

The Gianyar Night Market is not in the centre but it worths checking out, if you want to taste delicious local food and snacks visiting this market is a great idea

15. Shopping at Ubud Market

Ubud Market offers  a series of different markets throughout the day which was also used as a location for the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ movie. This markets offers fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning and arts and crafts pieces in the afternoon.

16. Watch a Legong dance performance

Legong dancing performance is one of the best cultural attractions in Bali, it is based on a legend from East Java that dates from the 12th century, which tells the story of a maiden.

17. Take a cooking class

If you are into cooking, taking cooking class is a great choice, here you can meet new people, of course learning to cook Balinese food and also learn all about the history, culture, and religious associated with the Balinese cuisine.

18. Take a class at the Yoga Barn

Yoga barn is the most popular yoga centre in Ubud, they provide the class for all levels of ability. You can either take the single entry class or sign up for longer practices.

19. Spa time!

And finally, it is time to get yourself spoiled by having relaxing spa and messages. Ubud has many options for spa and massage services depends on your budget and most of them are awesome!

Have a great holiday in Ubud!

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