The list of all Papua travel destinations

Panorama of Wayag Raja Ampat by Vidi Agiorno - The most popular Papua travel destinations

This post gives the insights of all top Papua travel destinations, the world’s largest and highest tropical island, located on the easternmost of Indonesia.

Papua consists of the western half of the New Guinea island,while the eastern half is the independent country of Papua New Guinea.

Papua travel destinations

1. Baliem Valley, West Papua

Baliem valley is also known and Grand Valley a magnificently beautiful landscape of the pristine highlands and rich cultures of Dani tribe, it is located in the Central Highlands of West Papua,  Indonesia.

Baliem Valley in West Papuat, One the Top Papua travel Destinations Credit to Axel Drainville on flikcr
Baliem Valley in West Papuat, One the Top Papua travel Destinations Credit to Axel Drainville on flikcr

2. Raja Ampat, the pristine islands in West Papua

Raja Ampat is the Indonesian archipelago sits in the Coral Triangle, which stretches from the Philippines to Timor to Papua New Guinea, known as the most biodiverse marine habitat on earth. It is a regency West Papua province, Indonesia.

Raja Ampat has three-quarters of the world’s coral varieties, 10 times that of the Caribbean, which you will be able to see without having to swim too far. It is a paradise on the earth and a travel destination on everyone’s bucket list.

Panorama of Wayag Raja Ampat by Vidi Agiorno - The most popular Papua travel destinations
Panorama of Wayag Raja Ampat by Vidi Agiorno – The most popular Papua travel destinations

3. Manokwari, West Papua

Manokwari is located right on the top of the Bird’s Head Peninsula in Papua. It sits around Doreri Bay and is stretching between low hills dominated by the Arfak mountains to the south, the beautiful town indeed.

Manokwari is the town from where Christianity spread in Papua, started by two German missionaries CW Ottow and GG Geissler who landed here on February 1855.

Manokwari offers not only historical attractions but also beautiful coastal site, Pasir Putih beach is the most popular one. The White Sand Beach featuring a shallow coral bank where you can enjoy snorkeling and witness a number of reef fishes.

4.  Cendrawasih Bay National Park, West Papua

Cendrawasih bay is also known as Teluk Cenderawasih in Bahasa Indonesia, it is the largest marine national park of Indonesia, located in Cenderawasih Bay, south-east of Bird’s Head Peninsula. Which includes the islands of Mioswaar, Nusrowi, Roon, Rumberpon and Yoop.

Cendrawasih bay is a protected marine park featuring its rich marine ecosystem, with over 150 recorded coral species. This bay is now also considered a potential World Heritage Site.

5.  Sorong, West Papua

Sorong is the gateway to the paradise on the earth Raja Ampat which also has an abundance of natural attractions; like mountains, hills, lowlands, and protected forests.

Sorong is situated located on the ‘beak’ of the Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua, and is also known as a port town with multi-ethnic population.

6. Wamena, West Papua

Wamena is the main city in the Baliem Valley of West Papua, and is the starting point for most tours and treks into the Lani, Dani and Yali tribal lands. Asmat can also be accessed from Wamena.

7. Merauke, Southern Papua

Merauke is located at the most easternmost of Indonesia. It is also the gateway to the pristine Wasur National Park, which is about 60km away from the Merauke.

Make sure to stroll around this beautiful town for some sight seeing like old graveyards and a number of classic churches.

8. Wasur National Park, Southern Papua

Wasur National Park is the 4130-sq-km protected National Park, stretching between Merauke and the PNG border. It is a specular park that will amaze those who appreciate the wildlife, especially birds and marsupials.

There are at least three species of wallaby (the local villagers call them all kangguru), nocturnal cuscuses and sugar gliders. And not to mention 400 birds, which some of them are cassowaries, kookaburras, cockatoos, brolgas, magpie geese and three types of bird of paradise.

It is best to visit the park during the dry season otherwise most of Wasur’s tracks will be impassable.

9. Asmat, Southern Papua

Asmat is the swampy area stretching inland from the south coast is famous for its warlike past but is nowadays pretty civilized, with everyone wearing modern dress.

Asmat is also well known for its primitive art which worth seeing.

10. Timika, Southern Papua

Timika is located on the souther Papua, it has the best air links in the regions, therefore it is perfect for entry and exit point. Even-though it is probabably not that appealing for any reasons for the tourists.

11. Pulau Biak (Biak Island), Nothern Papua

The 1898 sq km area of relaxed and friendly island featuring outstanding snorkelling and diving sites located in West Papua and is one of Papua’s biggest offshore islands.

Beach hopping, snorkelling, visiting historical sites like World War II monument and museum with a cave, are some of things to do in this island beautiful island.

12. Sentani, Northern Papua

Sentani is the lakeside town and therefore it is also called as Lake Sentani, and is where Jayapura’s airport located.

Sentani is the major gateway to the province, it is not just a transit point Sentani has also attractions worth visiting, such as the huge Lake Sentani with its islands inhabited by good woodcarvers.

13. Yotefa Bay, Northern Papua

Yotega Bay is the road between Jayapura and Sentani passes a viewpoint offering outstanding  views of Yotefa stunning bay, with its three stilt villages built over the water.

14. Jaya pura, Northern Papua

Jayapura is located in East Papua, is the starting point for your adventurous journey into the interior of Papua.

Jayapura is also the gateway to the the remote Baliem Valley, and is where you get your travel permit required for Papua travelling.

15. Lorentz National Park, Southwestern and Central Papua

Lorentz National Park has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1999, the protected national park featuring its Indonesian highest mountain, which is the Mount Carstensz Pyramid (Gunung Puncak Jaya), at 4884 metres tall on the Jayawijaya range.

Lorent National Parks has an outstanding biodiversity, and is one of the most ecologically diverse national parks in the world. It is the only nature reserve in the Asia-Pacific region to contain a full altitudinal array of ecosystems ranging through marine areas, mangroves, tidal and freshwater swamp forest, lowland and montane rainforest, alpine tundra, and equatorial glaciers.

And therefore it totally makes sense that Lorents National Park and Mount Cartsensz Pyramid should be listed on the one of the top list of Papua travel destinations, and should probably listed on your bucket list to visit too, especially those who are into mountaineering.

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