10 spectacular Bali beach pictures that make you wish to travel to Bali now

Bali Beach - Candidasa credit to Martin Fuhrmann

Bali beach pictures – Having a suntan, chilling, or surfing at Bali beach are some of the reasons why people wish to visit this island of God. Different people  may have different reason to visit the beach, whatever your reasons are, Bali has it all you need! The busy Kuta beach, the fashionable Seminyak, the luxury […]

The top East Nusa Tenggara travel destinations

Komodo National Park one of the top East Nusa Tenggara travel destinations credit to Christopher Harriot

White sandy beach, World class diving spots, waterfalls in the traditional villages, magically beautiful volcanoes are some attractions offered by East Nusa Tenggara travel destinations, in Indonesia. Kupang is the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara. Here’s the list top Nusa Tenggara travel destinations that should be your next travel destination. Nusa Tenggara travel destinations […]

The top Kalimantan travel destinations | Indonesia Borneo

Derawan Islands on of top Kalimantan travel destinations Credit to Gemma i Jere on flickr

This article gives insights of the top Indonesia Kalimantan travel destinations, 73% of the island, while the rest of it is part of Brunei Darussalam and East Malaysia. Top Kalimantan travel destinations 1. Derawan Islands, one of the best Kalimantan travel destinations Derawan islands consist of a group of islands (31 islands) and four of […]

Guide to the one of most popular things to do in Bali, Ubud Monkey forest

Thing to do in Bali - Ubud monkey forest

Ubud Monkey forest, one of the most popular things to do in Bali – The sacred Ubud Monkey Forest is one of popular things to do in Bali that attracts many visitors locally and internationally. It is the home for about 700 monkeys and other 186 species of trees within 12.5 hectares of forest which gives […]

33 top things to do in Java

Beautiful Foggy Mount Bromo by Ronald Tagra

Top things to do in Java – With the countless attractions, this Indonesia heartland, Java, definitely should be a must visit place in Indonesia for the adventurous world travellers. Java offers the world’s famous ancient sites, over 120 volcanoes, beautiful national parks, rainforests, tea and rice plantations, big cities, great waves, not to mention the beautiful savanna […]

Indonesia visa policy that you need to follow

The information on Indonesia Visa Policy below is sourced from the official Indonesian government websites and offices therefore it is relatively valid. All international travelers who visit Indonesia is obligated to hold a 6 months (at least) visa and return ticket, unless you are from one of the visa exempt countries. However the 3 months […]