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Sumatra is another paradise on the earth for the adventurous travelers that offers the magnificent cultures and endless wonderful nature and wildlife. One the main island of Indonesia which is also  sixth largest island in the world.

It is the most affected island by the powerful natural disaster earthquakes and tsunamis in December 2004. The island where the largest lake in Southeast Asia Danau Toba, the paradise for the surfers, and the world popular diving spot Weh Island located.

It is also home for orangutan, tigers, rhinos, elephants and extraordinary nature of Leuser national park where not long time ago Leonardo Dicaprio visited. And still many more, please visit this page to find out about the things to do in Sumatra.

Sumatra Provinces

Aceh Province

Aceh is located at the west most of Indonesia which was most affected province by Earth-quake and Tsunami in December 2004. It is also known as the religiously conservative province in the Indonesia with its Sharia laws.

It is also where the world known scuba diving and snorkeling spots island Pulau Weh and Singkil situated. It also has great wave for surfing like Lhoknga beach near the capital city Banda Aceh.

And not to mention the other worth visiting attractions like; the calming atmosphere of shore of Lake Laut Tawar in Takengon (Gayo Highlands), and the great trekking area of the wild jungles on the hills of Gunung Leuser National Park through Ketambe and Kutacane.

North Sumatra

North Sumatra has more mixed social and religious life where both Christian and Muslim populations have lived together in peace since a very long time.

It is the home for orangutan sanctuary in Bukit Lawang, the legendary Sipiso-Piso waterfall in Berastagi, and the magnificent and largest lake in Southeast Asia Lake Toba.

West Sumatra

It is where the world known ‘nasi padang’ from, has Padang as the capital city and where the Minangkabau people are originally from.

Some of great things to do here are; enjoy the nice pleasant weather of the historical city of Bukittinggi, the magnificent scenery along Harau Valley and architectural marvels of Kelok Sembilan, cycling on the side of Lake Singkarak, and surf through the world popular strong waves on Mentawai.


Riau is is relatively flat compared to other provinces in this island. It is where the largest remains of Sriwijaya Empire, Muara Takus, of Kampar, the beautiful white-marble palace of Siak Sri Indrapura, and Tesso Nilo national park, Sumatran elephant populations located.

Riau Islands which is also parts of Riau Province but separated from the mainland.


Jambi is located in the center of Sumatra island where the one of the Indonesia highest peak, Mount Kerinci located.

South Sumatra

South Sumatera has Palembang as the capital city with its strong blending of Melayu culture.

Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung where you can find the beautiful and famous beaches, the pride of this province. And it is also where the popular Indonesia novel attractions that has been translated into 26 languages.


Bengkulu province where you can find a number of historical attractions and beautiful pristine beaches.


Lampung is located at southernmost province of Sumatra, it is directly connected to Java Island.

Sumatra Map

Sumatra Map
Sumatra Map