Sulawesi travel guide

is the other main island in Indonesia which has the most interesting shape on the map, and it is even more fantastic in real life, classified as the 11th largest island in the world.

It offers numerous coastline area with beautiful sandy beaches featuring superb coral reefs and great marine life, world class surfing and diving spots.

It also has magnificent landscapes like mountains and jungles with its wide range of wildlife, it is also the house for rare nocturnal tarsiers and colorful maleo birds.

In addition to get you convinced to visit this beautiful island, here’s you will witness the very unique and world known cultures where the Toraja community live, with their funeral ceremonies


Southern part of the island

The Southern part of the this island is where popular Makassar and Tana Toraja located, it is the provinces of South Sulawesi and West Sulawesi; The home for the Bugis and the unique culture of Tana Toraja.

South East part of the island

South East part of this island is where Kendari and Wakatobi (world class hidden diving spot) located, it is hidden paradise for the divers that offers seriously wonderful world class diving spots.
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Central Sulawesi

The capital of this part of the island is Palu, it is where Lore Lindu National Park, Togian Islands and Una Una are located. It is popular with its world class diving spots.

Northern Sulawesi

Another paradise for the world diving travelers, it indeed offers the world class diving spots and it is also perfect for snorkeling. The part of the island where Manado, Bitung, Gorontalo, Tomohon, and Bunaken are located.