The top East Nusa Tenggara travel destinations

Komodo National Park one of the top East Nusa Tenggara travel destinations credit to Christopher Harriot

White sandy beach, World class diving spots, waterfalls in the traditional villages, magically beautiful volcanoes are some attractions offered by East Nusa Tenggara travel destinations, in Indonesia. Kupang is the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara. Here’s the list top Nusa Tenggara travel destinations that should be your next travel destination. Nusa Tenggara travel destinations […]

The list of Maluku travel destinations

Ora Beach, one of the best Maluku travel destinations Credit to Matiinu Iman Ramadhan

Maluku (Moluccas) was also formerly known as ‘the Spice Islands’, and it is located on the east of Sulawesi. Here’s the list of the best Maluku travel destinations if you are looking for the less-explored parts of beautiful Indonesia. Maluku travel destinations 1. Ambon Ambon, the seaport town and the capital of the Maluku province […]

The list of all Papua travel destinations

Panorama of Wayag Raja Ampat by Vidi Agiorno - The most popular Papua travel destinations

This post gives the insights of all top Papua travel destinations, the world’s largest and highest tropical island, located on the easternmost of Indonesia. Papua consists of the western half of the New Guinea island,while the eastern half is the independent country of Papua New Guinea. Papua travel destinations 1. Baliem Valley, West Papua Baliem […]

The top Kalimantan travel destinations | Indonesia Borneo

Derawan Islands on of top Kalimantan travel destinations Credit to Gemma i Jere on flickr

This article gives insights of the top Indonesia Kalimantan travel destinations, 73% of the island, while the rest of it is part of Brunei Darussalam and East Malaysia. Top Kalimantan travel destinations 1. Derawan Islands, one of the best Kalimantan travel destinations Derawan islands consist of a group of islands (31 islands) and four of […]

The ultimate guide to Mt Kelimutu National Park Flores Indonesia

Kelimutu Sunrise Credit to Michael Day

Kelimutu is a volcano on the Kelimutu National Park in Flores island, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Moni (about nine miles) is the nearest village to this volcano and is located in the central of Flores Island. Kelimutu travel guide It is known with its unique three volcanic lakes that spontaneously change colour. The three craters which are […]

The best Sumatra travel destinations to visit

Weh Island - The picture I took on my trip (for many times)

Sumatra lies in western part of Indonesia consisting of 9 provinces. The lush and pristine rainforest, world class surfing and diving sites are just some of Sumatra travel attractions offered. Even Though it is not as popular as Bali or Lombok but it is surely have nothing less compared to those two tourist destinations. So, […]

Sulawesi transport – getting there and around

Sulawesi transport – Before travelling to the magnificent and pristine island Sulawesi, it is better to get a knowledge on Sulawesi transport modes you are going to take, including how to get there and get around Sulawesi. This article provides you all information you need on Sulawesi transport, therefore you will be able to enjoy […]

The best Sulawesi diving destinations

Waha pinnacle, Wakatobi Sulawesi Diving Credit to flickr

Sulawesi diving destinations offer everything that all divers want to experience for at least once in a lifetime. From the breathtaking reefs in Bangka-Gangga, the steep coral walls of Bunaken National Marine Park, to the enchanting world of nature’s little wonders in Lembeh Strait. If you are not a diver, these destinations are also perfect […]

The complete list of the best Sulawesi travel destinations

Sulawesi travel Credit to apla kai omorfa from flickr

Sulawesi is one of the main islands of Indonesia and top travel destinations in the country. Sulawesi travel may not be as popular as Bali or Lombok travel, but it offers nothing less than magnificent nature attractions and rewarding trip to take. As introduced earlier in this page that Sulawesi is classified into Southern, Southeast, […]