Padang Bai Guide Bali – All you need to know

Things to do in Padang Bai Credit to macronix

Padang Bai is the small beach town where you can feel the real traveller vibe, located in eastern Bali,  closed to Candidasa.

Padang Bai is also where the harbour for the public ferry connecting Bali with Lombok and Gili Islands located.

It is not just a port town, but it also has so much beauties offered, staying overnight or maybe more in this beautiful village is something you should definitely consider.

Here you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of relaxing coastal area, and probably do some diving and snorkeling, there diving and snorkelling operators provide the services for either snorkelling or diving.

The accommodation in Padang Bai mostly is quite basic, and is more for the backpacker market, however if you want but there are more up-scale hotels it is also available in the town.

It is indeed great place to chill and enjoy some seafood.

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