Maluku Island is one of the Indonesia’s main Island located in between Sulawesi and Papua and is also known as the Moluccas.

It was known the Spice Islands in the Dutch time where the only place on earth had numerous valuable spices grown.

Ambon is the main gateway to this island, it has the regular flights that provide the services to the most parts of the island.

Both air and sea transportation modes connect the islands with 79 seaports and 25 airports, while the road access here are also available to transport the people to more remote places.

Administratively this archipelago is divided into two provinces.

Maluku Utara, consists of; Halmahera (the largest island), the smaller island Ternate and Sula Islands.

Maluku Selatan, consists of the beautiful island Ambon, Aru Islands (eastern most), Babar Islands, Banda Islands, Buru, Damer Islands, Gorong Archipelago, Haruku, Kei Islands, Leti Islands, Morotai, Obi Islands, Saparua, Seram island, Sermata Islands, Tanimbar Islands, Watubela Islands, Wetar

And the main cities in Maluku are Ambon, Masohi, Ternate and Tobelo.