Lombok Gili Islands Transport – Get in and around

Just like in other Indonesia tourist destinations, Lombok Gili Islands have also a number of transport mode options to get in and around. Here’s all you need to know about transport modes in Lombok Gili Islands.

Getting in & around Lombok Gili Islands

Flights to Lombok

Get in Lombok by Domestic Flights

Lombok international airport is located at  on Jalan Raya, Praya (central south) and is about 40 km the capital city Mataram.

The direct domestic flights are available from Bali and Java.

Bali to Lombok flights

Direct flights to Lombok is available from Bali Ngurah Rai Airport which only takes about 25 minutes flying time. And it cost about only US$ 20 to US$30 with a number of daily flights.

Java to Lombok flights

There are also direct domestic flights from Indonesia capital city Jakarta (about 2 hours flight) and from East Java capital city Surabaya (about 1 hour). The non-direct flights to Lombok are also available from all big cities in Indonesia.

Get in to Lombok by International Flights

The international flights serve directly to Lombok is from Singapore (SIN), Perth (PER) from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Malaysia

Transportation from Lombok airport

Lombok airport taxi

There are airport taxi available which charge your with a flat rate to to the tow, the fares is about US$ 17 to the capital city Mataram.

And you will have to pay an airport taxi services surcharge at the Taxi Service desk in the central section of the terminal hall.

The taxi service charge has two different prices for two different zones, zone 1 is about US$1 and zone 2 is about US$1,5.

Lombok airport shuttle (Indonesian called it ‘Travel’)

This is quite convenient and cheaper than airport taxi but you will have to book in advance by either online or by phone visit this site for more the detail contact https://www.lombokcartransport.com/

Lombok airport Bus (DAMRI)

This the cheapest solution, DAMRI serves from the airport to Mataram and Senggigi. It cost Rp 25,000 (about US$ 2) to Mataram and about Rp. 35,000 (US$ 3,5) to Senggigi. The buses serving the route have a capacity of up to 40 passengers, depending upon the bus used.

Private vehicle access

Shuttle Bus from Lombok International Airport to Bangsal Harbour (Gili Trawangan), Senggigi and Mataram City.

Private vehicles including cars, shuttle buses, buses and motorbikes may access the airport’s public parking area and terminal drop off zones by entering through the main terminal gate.

A timed parking fee is payable at the exit gate. This fee is payable by all vehicles entering the airport including taxi, cars and motorbikes, a time stamped ticket is provided at the entrance gate booth.

Bali to Lombok Ferry

Slow ferries from Bali departs from Padang Bai every hour (24 hr) and it takes about 4 to 5 hours to Lembar, it costs (per september 2017) Rp 43,000 for adult and Rp 28,000 for kid.

If you take vehicles with your here’s the cost:

Bicycle : Rp 63,000, Motorbike <500: CC Rp 121,000, Motorbike >500 CC :  IDR 241,000 and car 862,000

If you want to take boat to Sumbawa from Lombok cost Rp. 23,000 for adult and Rp 15,500 for kids.

Java to Lombok by Land and Sea

You can also travel to Lombok by land and sea, the routes are Java – Bali and Bali – Java, this is the fastest and most reasonable way to travel from Java without flying. Both bus and boats from Java to Bali Java-Bali and Bali-Lombok serve the frequent ferries, 24 hours a day.

Transport modes to get around Lombok


Bemo is a mini public bus serves short and medium distance transport around Lombok and it costs really cheap, for example from the capital city Mataram to Senggigi only cost Rp 5000 (flat fares).


You can get around Lombok by metered Taxi bellows:

Bluebird taxi, phone +62 370 627000, and they are operating 24 hours with flag fall fares is Rp 6500 and the following fare is Rp 3500 per km, minimum payment is Rp 20,000 with Rp 10,000 cancellation fee.

Express taxi phone +62 370 635968, and also is operating 24 hours. Flag fares is Rp 6500 next km is Rp 3600, waiting fee is Rp40,000 per hour. Minimum payment is Rp 17,500 and cancelation fares is Rp 16,500.

Car rental Lombok

This is the most convenient but of course expensive, car rental in Lombok for 24 hours is Rp 450,000 including the driver and petrol.


And you may also rent a motorbike if you want more adventure, it costs from Rp 60,000 to Rp Rp 75,000 to rent a motorcycle for one day in Lombok. It costs cheaper for long term rental

Ojek (motorbike taxi)

There’s also motorbike taxi available in Lombok both conventional and online one


If you want to do island hoping the traditional fishing boats in Indonesian called Perahu is available to take you from one to another small islands in Lombok.


Lombok traffic is quite pleasant therefore it is nice to cycling around. You can either rent a bicycle of sign up for a cycling tour.

The boat operates in Lombok is below

Lombok Ekpress Fast Boat, Jln. Batu layar, Senggigi – Lombok Kota Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat,phone +087762438668 (lombokekpress.comm)

Lombok Fast Boats (Lombok Reisen), Jl. Raya Senggigi Km. 13 Senggigi, Phone +62 817-5793-495 (info@lombokreisen.com)

Marina Srikandi, Jl. Suwung Batan Kendal No. 8C, Denpasar Selatan, phone (+62)361 729 818 (marketing@marinasrikandi.com)

Nara Speed Boat, Teluk Nara Harbour, Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Barat. phone +6281396175375

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