Kuta Bali guide, all you need to know

Kuta Bali Credit to Gaye Launder

Kuta is a beach and resort town located on the south part of Bali island of Bali, Indonesia. It is one of Bali’s first tourist developments.

Kuta Overview

Kuta is the most famous tourist area in Bali, Indonesia, featuring a great surfing spots along 5km sandy beach, great beach front restaurant and bars and of course shopping sites.

If you can’t stand on load and bustling town you should probably avoid this area and head to the nearby town Seminyak instead.

Kuta beach

Kuta Beach is the very popular beach on Bali island, a broad expanse of golden sand and has very easy access. It is also known for beginner surfing spots. The board can be rented on the beach and there are usually locals who will offer insider knowledge of surf conditions.

Pay attention to the warning notices and coloured flags for your own safety, as the strong and irregular currents can make swimming hazardous. The red flags represent danger, and, yellow and red flags represent that the area is safe for swimming.

The currents can be changed daily, and there are lifeguards teams who responsible to keep the beachgoers safe.

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