Java Overview

Java, called “Jawa” in Indonesian, it is one of the main islands in Indonesia.

This island is claimed as the heart of Indonesia, and the population is over 130 million people, and it is the most populated island in Indonesia (65% of Indonesia’s entire population).

And it is also where the Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta situated, it also makes this island as center of cultural and economic activity in Indonesia.


  1. Banten Province, it is one of the newest province in Indonesia and the capital is Kota Serang.
  2. DKI Jakarta Province, which is also the capital of Indonesia
  3. West Java Province, the capital is Bandung
  4. Central Java, the capital is Semarang, known as the culinary city.
  5. Yogyakarta Province, the capital is Yogyakarta, it is where the world known Prambanan is located.
  6. East Java province, the capital is Surabaya

Main cities

  1. Jakarta
  2. Bandung
  3. Surabaya
  4. Yogyakarta
  5. Solo
  6. Semarang
  7. Bogor
  8. Malang
  9. Jember

Things to do in Java

Some of Java popular things to do in Java are climb the majestic mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu, taking trip to Mount Bromo, visiting the world heritage Borobudur and Prambanan temples, diving in the pristine waters of the Karimunjawa island and more.

This is just some of many more things to do in Java. More complete list and guide on things to do in Java please visit this page.


While Javanese is the majority language spoken by people from Java, but most of Javanes people understand Indonesian language. Sundanese is the language spoken in west Java, Betawi in Jakarta and Madurese is spoken in some area in East Java.

How to get in

By airplane

Most visitors arrive at Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Solo and Yogyakarta. There are several domestic airlines such as Garuda, Merpati, Lion Air, Mandala, Sriwijaya Air. International airlines: AirAsia, Singapore, Qantas, MAS, Cathay Pacific, KLM, PAL, Thai International, JAL, KAL, Eva Air, Air India, etc.

By sea

PT Angkutan Sungai Danau dan Penyeberangan/ASDP ferry services:

  • Gianyar(Bali) from/to Gilimanuk (East Java)
  • Bakauheni (Lampung/Southern Sumatra) from/to Merak (Banten). Rp 12,000 for a 2-3 hour journey.
  • Kamal (Madura) from/to Tanjung Perak (Surabaya)
  • PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia/PELNI passenger ship routes include:
  • Medan (North Sumatra) from/to Tanjung Priok (Jakarta)
  • Pontianak (West Kalimantan) from/to Tanjung Priok (Jakarta)
  • Makassar (South Sulawesi) from/to Tanjung Perak (Surabaya)

How to get around

Java’s infrastructure is by far the best in Indonesia, and it’s possible to cross the entire island by land in a single (long) day.

However, the sheer density of population means that roads can get overcrowded if you’re moving at the same time as everyone else.

By bus

The main form of long-distance transport, vast armadas of buses cross the island and connect every city and mountain hamlet. Watch out though, as many drivers have near-suicidal driving habits that emphasize speed above all else.

The Executive Bus is comfortable enough, provided with AC, reclining seats, and toilet in some Executive Bus. Some big cities have several terminals.

By train

Java has the best railway network in Indonesia, with trains connecting the capital city of Jakarta with most other cities and towns in the island. The executive class is the best class, and consequently the most expensive.

The seat booking can be made through official Indonesia railway website but please not that they only accept the national CC. Alternatively you can book the train ticket from the travel agents or from the convinients hope like Alfamart, Alfamidi, 7evelen, and Indomaret.

By travel

Travel here refers to point to point travel uses various minibuses that transports 6 to 11 passengers per bus, it has Air Conditioning and managed by Private Company which makes it quiet convenient.

By taxi

Java’s toll roads are built nearly to Western standards, with dual grade-separated lanes in both directions and elevated interchanges.

In many cities and town in Indonesia has taxi services as well as small buses that take you around the cities.
If you prefer more practical transport mode to travel for the short distance trips, Ojek (motor bike taxi) is also available.

By airplane 

Indonesia has several domestics’ airlines company that transport the passengers domestically within Indonesia. is one of most popular site where you can book the domestic flights.

Java Maps by Provinces