Indonesia travel cost advice to help you planning your travel budget

Indonesia Rupiah - Indonesia travel cost

Travel to Indonesia is relatively cheap. But it is handy to have the idea of Indonesia travel cost to help planning your budget, therefore keep reading this post to get the information you need

Indonesia Travel Cost

Indonesia Accommodation

Hostel in Indonesia usually cost around Rp 120.000 for dormitory. And for private double, the price starts around Rp 200.000. This normally include the free WiFi and free breakfast.

Generally speaking, the prices is much lower outside the big cities. Since hostels and homestays are so cheap, camping is not that common unless you’re on hiking or doing it on purpose.

For a chain hotel, prices start around Rp 400,000 per night. Airbnb is also common in Indonesia, the average cost is around Rp 400,000 per night, and this can also be for the entire studio apartment per night.

Eating in Indonesia – Food

Local food is very cheap, the street food costs about only Rp 10.000 and can even be less in the city like Yogyakarta.

For cheap food at local restaurants, prices start at around Rp 15,000. To eat in a mid-range restaurant for food and drinks, expect to pay Rp 80,000.

The western food is much more expensive but still relatively affordable around Rp 125.000 for food and drinks. Fast food for about Rp 40,000.

Beer at the bar will cost around Rp 30,000 for small bottle while the cost of grocery per week will be between Rp 300,000-400,000. (However, the food in this country is very cheap and I would encourage you to eat out as often as possible considering it is not easy to find a room with the kitchen.

Indonesia Transportation

For inter-island travel, ferries cost around RP 7,500 (and more). An eight hour trip with a bus cost of around Rp 70,000. The overnight bus will start from about Rp 130.000.

The domestics flights and to and from Indonesia are relatively very cheap. E.g with a one-way ticket to Singapore may cost only Rp 300,000.

Activities cost

Attractions are not too expensive. To enter  Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park you don’t need to pay for the entrance fee if you take the small pathway from Cemara Indah restaurant. But you have to pay the entrance fee if you enter from the main road which cost about Rp 250,000 for the weekday and Rp 300,000 during the weekend. For joint ticket for both Borobudur and Prambanan is Rp 350,000.

Recommended daily budget Rp 400,000 – 600,000, it depends on your travel style.

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