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Indonesia Holidays – Either you are traveling, studying or living in Indonesia, it is useful to know Indonesia National holiday. There are about 13 national holidays declared by the government.

For those who live, work or study in Indonesia this would be a great opportunities to enjoy long weekends or short gateway.

The Indonesian government also declares that the collective leave should be taken on some days, usually a Monday or Friday, before or after a national holiday in order to create a long weekend.

This collective leave is the government intention to promote the domestic tourism.

And if you are expatriate this is also good opportunity to take since a number of hotels especially in Bali offer a great special prices to ITAS holders, or for the expatriate residents during these long weekends.

Out of the 13 national holidays mentioned above, there are four types of Indonesian holidays, those are national, religious, national, international and commemorative. The holidays are indicated with ‘tanggal merah’ (literally in English: red date, shown red in calendar).

And please also noted that during these official holidays (tanggal merah) the government offices, schools, banks, and most businesses are closed.

Many of the dates of religious holidays vary from year to year, as they are based on other calendars. For example, the Muslim holidays are based on the Islamic or Hijriah calendar, which is 10 to 11 days shorter than the Roman calendar every year. Other holidays, such as Easter, Chinese New Year and Waisak are based on lunar calculations, as in other countries where these holidays are celebrated.

Official Indonesia Holiday Annually

  • August 17 – Indonesian Independence Day “Hari Kemerdekaan”
  • September 1 – Idul Adha 1438 Hijriah
  • September 21 – Islamic New Year 1439 Hijriah “Satu Muharram”
  • December 1 – Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad “Maulid Nabi”
  • December 25 –Christmas “Hari Natal”
  • December 26 – Shared Holiday for Christmas

Religious Indonesia Holidays

The Indonesian government officially recognizes five religions: Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu. Each of these religious communities in Indonesia celebrate their events and are very important to them. Most of them are national holidays, even some of them are not.

The Ministry of Religion decides the dates on which religious holidays will be held each year.

Here’s the religious holidays that declared as the national holidays (tanggal merah) in Indonesia:

Indonesia Holidays for Muslim

The dates for many Muslim holidays vary from year to year as they are based on the Islamic or Hijriah calendar, which is 10 to 11 days shorter than the Roman calendar.

  • Muslim New Year – 1st day of Muharam (Indonesian: 1 Muharam or Tahun Baru Hijrah)
  • Birth of the Prophet Mohammad – 12th day of Rabiul Awal (Indonesian: Maulid Nabi)
  • Ascension of the Prophet Mohammad – 27th day of the 7th month (Indonesian: Isra Miraj)
  • End of the Ramadan fasting month – 1 Syawal (Hari Raya Idul Fitri or Lebaran)
  • Muslim Day of Sacrifice – 10th day of Dzulhijjah (Idul Adha or Lebaran Haji)

Indonesia Holidays for Christian

Christian holidays fall on the same days as in other countries and are celebrated as the national holidays in Indonesia as stated below:

  • Good Friday – Commemorates the death of Jesus (Indonesian : Wafat Isa Almasih)
  • Celebrates the day Jesus arose from the dead (Indonesian : Hari Paskah – Easter)
  • Ascension of Christ- Commemorates the day Jesus ascended into Heaven (Indonesian Kenaikan Isa Almasih)
  • Christmas – Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ (Indonesian : Hari Natal)

Hindu Holidays in Indonesia

  • Galungan celebration (Indonesian Hari Raya Galungan)
  • Silence day (Indonesian : Hari Raya Nyepi)
  • Buddhist holidays in Indonesia
  • Waisak Day – Vesak – May (Indonesian : Hari Waisak)

International Holidays

  • New Year’s Day, January 1st (Indonesian : Tahun Baru)
  • Chinese New Year, January – February (Indonesian : Imlek)

Commemorative Days

Please note that the government offices are still open on some of these days

  • April 21st Kartini Day (Hari Kartini)
  • National Education Day May 2nd (Hari Pendidikan Nasional)
  • National Awakening Day, May 20th (Hari Kebangkitan Nasional)
  • Pancasila Day, June 1st (Hari Pancasila)
  • Jakarta’s Anniversary, June 22nd (Ulang Tahun Jakarta)
  • October 1st Hari Kesaktian Pancasila
  • Armed Forces Day, October 5th (Hari ABRI)
  • Youth Pledge Day, October 28th (Hari Sumpah Pemuda )
  • Hero’s Day, November 10th (Hari Pahlawan)
  • Mother’s Day, December 22nd (Hari Ibu)

Hope this information is useful!

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