Indonesia Destinations


Indonesia destinations – Indonesia is truly a wonderland in the universe, the largest archipelago in the world with the captivating nature and wildlife; rain forests, mountains, pristine beaches, and more than 150 active volcanoes.

And not to mention the beautiful diversity cultures blended in one nations, I have to say that I am proud to be an Indonesian.

In order to help you planning your Indonesia travel plan for a start, this page gives you an overview on Indonesia destinations classified by regions (Indonesia main islands), big cities and other Indonesia popular destinations.

Indonesia Destinations by Its main Regions


It is where you can find the magnificent natural/wildlife and cultural attractions, has over 40 million inhabitants, and is the 6th largest island in the world.

Kalimantan, also known as the Borneo

This world’s third largest island is the paradise on the earth for the adventures, it offers the unexplored virgin jungles, mighty rivers and also the home of the orangutan


It is known as the heartland of the Indonesia nation the capital Jakarta situated.

And is also the where the magnificent mount Bromo, the magical mount Merapi as well as the cultural treasures of Yogyakarta, Borobudur and Prambanan located.


The land of God, the most popular Indonesia destinations visited by International travelers from all over the world.

The unique culture, deep religions, laid back and friendly people, legendary beaches, spectacular landscaping, magnificent marine life are the features offered by Bali.


The unique shaped like ‘K’ letter is the home for a diversity of societies and some amazingly unique culture like Toraja culture, beautiful sceneries, rich flora and fauna, and of course the world class diving spots.

Nusa Tenggara

Also known as the Lesser Sunda Islands, the “Southeast Islands”, the home of the magically beautiful mount Rinjani, world destination party island Gilis.

It is populated by a number of ethnic groups, languages and religions, and where the one of world 7 wonders Komodo lizards located and for sure the home for surfing spots and world class diving spots.

Maluku, also known as Moluccas

It’s another magnificent Indonesia destinations located in between Sulawesi and Papua, featuring the historic Spice Islands, the diverse tribal cultures.

Maluku is the hidden paradise, unexplored and almost unknown to the outside world but truly another paradise on the earth.

Papua (Irian Jaya)

Papua is one of the most remote island on the earth located at the western half of the island of New Guinea, it has rich in natures and wildlife (mountains, forests, swamps and more).

And it is inhabited by indigenous Melanesian tribes.

Indonesia big cities

Jakarta — the capital of the city, biggest city in Indonesia with its unbelievable traffic jammed but the paradise for party lovers and also the fashionable city and a paradise for the shopping lovers.

Banda Aceh — the capital of the most affected province affected by the world’s largest natural disaster Tsunami in December 2014 that now is documented as the Tsunami monument. And it is only 45 minutes away by boat to one of the world known diving spots Weh Island.

Medan —  it is where Istana Maimun (Maimoon Palace) located and is also where you can easily find pork popular called as Babi Panggang Karo

Padang — Featuring the highland Bukit tinggi and its famous Jam Gadang, also where the ‘everyone favorite’ food nasi Padang is originated.

Pekanbaru — It is the modern city in Sumatra island the center of oil plantation, this city periodically produces the smoke from the oil-palm plantations burning in dry season.

Jambi —  Another big city in Sumatra that also known as the historic province where an old kingdom that is Sriwijaya was stated.

Palembang — a big city in the southern Sumatra.

Tanjung Pandan — the main city of the island of Belitung

Pangkal Pinang — the capital of the Bangka Belitung Province, located on the eastern coast of Bangka.

Banten — The neighbour of busy Jakarta

Bandung — it is the university town in the cooler highlands of Java, it is the capital of west Java

Yogyakarta — the most popular city in Java visited by worldwide travelers, the access point of Java’s cultural hub and  Indonesia’s treasures Borobudur and Prambanan temples.

Surabaya — a Jakarta port city and gate to the island of Madura.

Malang — the nice mild highland climate city in in East Java, Indonesia featuring the the colonial architectures.

Banjarmasin — the largest town on with a rich architectural heritage

Manado — Christian city at the northeastern tip of Sulawesi, famous for diving

Semarang — the capital of Central Java, which is also known as the culinary city

Makassar (Ujung Pandang) — the gateway to Sulawesi

Jayapura — the capital of Papua and a gateway to the highlands