All you need to know about Indonesia Money

Indonesia Money

Either you are travelling or planning to live in Indonesia for the long-term, this article about Indonesia money is worth reading. The rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia. Issued and controlled by the Bank of Indonesia, the ISO 4217 currency code for the Indonesian rupiah is IDR. Even those international companies that may […]

Sulawesi transport – getting there and around

Sulawesi transport – Before travelling to the magnificent and pristine island Sulawesi, it is better to get a knowledge on Sulawesi transport modes you are going to take, including how to get there and get around Sulawesi. This article provides you all information you need on Sulawesi transport, therefore you will be able to enjoy […]

Ubud transport – Get in and around Ubud

Ubud Transport

General speaking, Ubud transport could be a little bit challenging as you don’t have much options for Public transport. However, if you are comfortable riding motorbike it would be handy, besides it is affordable to rent either motorbike, bicycle or car in Ubud. Here’s your guide to Ubud transport Travel from Bali to Ubud By […]

Your ultimate guide to Bali accommodation in the main areas

Sudamala Suites & Villas - Sanur Bali Indonesia

Bali accommodation offers numerous options, from the budget guesthouses to five-star luxury hotels and villas, Bali has all type of accommodations that meet your budget requirement. This article gives you an overview of the accommodation in Bali main areas that help you deciding where to stay and what to expect. Bali Accommodation in the main […]

Yogyakarta transport: getting to and around Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Rickshaw - One of Yogyakarta transport

Yogyakarta transport – Just like other big cities in Indonesia, you can get to Yogyakarta easily internationally or domestically. Yogyakarta Transport This article provides the information on Yogyakarta transport modes based on the local knowledge of the writer who have been living in Yogyakarta for one year. It covers all information you need to know […]

Indonesia travel cost advice to help you planning your travel budget

Indonesia Rupiah - Indonesia travel cost

Travel to Indonesia is relatively cheap. But it is handy to have the idea of Indonesia travel cost to help planning your budget, therefore keep reading this post to get the information you need Indonesia Travel Cost Indonesia Accommodation Hostel in Indonesia usually cost around Rp 120.000 for dormitory. And for private double, the price […]

Bali Volcano Mount Agung threatened to erupt after its last eruption in 1963

Bali volcano

After the last eruption in 1963, Bali volcano Mount Agung is threatened to erupt again. The increasing number of earthquakes occurring around Gunung Agung in eastern Bali, Indonesia, over the past few weeks. The latest warnings issued by national and local government agencies prohibiting mountain climbing and instructing the evacuations within 12km from the summit. […]

Raja Ampat dive sites, Indonesia

Raja Ampat dive sites - Credit to Ratha Grimes

Raja Ampat dive sites – Raja Ampat is the paradise on the earth and the dream destination for the diving enthusiasts. This pristine island is probably the hottest diving spot in the world by far. Raja Ampat dive sites and surrounding area are spread over vast distances. Here’s the list of Raja Ampat dive sites […]

Getting to Raja Ampat and get around this pristine island

Lovely resort jetty by Behan

You’ve probably heard how spectacular Raja Ampat is. And now the question is how to get there? This post provides the information on getting to Raja Ampat Getting to Raja Ampat To get to Raja Ampat you first have to travel to Sorong. Sorong is the coastal city in the eastern Indonesian province of West Papua. […]