40 magnificent Sumatra pictures that inspire you to visit

Lake Toba view from view from tele mountain on Samosir island credit to Andrey Samsonov on flickr

Sumatera (also called Sumatra) is one of the main islands in Indonesia, another paradise on the earth for those who love visiting the lesser known destination and avoid the tourist crowds . It is also Indonesia travel destinations for the adventurous travelers that offers the magnificent cultures and endless wonderful nature and wildlife. Here’s the […]

The best Sumatra travel destinations to visit

Weh Island - The picture I took on my trip (for many times)

Sumatra lies in western part of Indonesia consisting of 9 provinces. The lush and pristine rainforest, world class surfing and diving sites are just some of Sumatra travel attractions offered. Even Though it is not as popular as Bali or Lombok but it is surely have nothing less compared to those two tourist destinations. So, […]

Sulawesi transport – getting there and around

Sulawesi transport – Before travelling to the magnificent and pristine island Sulawesi, it is better to get a knowledge on Sulawesi transport modes you are going to take, including how to get there and get around Sulawesi. This article provides you all information you need on Sulawesi transport, therefore you will be able to enjoy […]

The ultimate guide to Lake Toba, the mythical ocean blue lake in Sumatra

Lake Toba view in the morning

Lake Toba Travel Guide – Lake Toba is a massive volcanic lake covering an area of 1,707 km², located in Parapat area in North Sumatra Province, on Sumatra Island Indonesia. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, and the deepest in the world. It was formed 75,000 years ago, after an earth splitting […]