The best Sulawesi diving destinations

Waha pinnacle, Wakatobi Sulawesi Diving Credit to flickr

Sulawesi diving destinations offer everything that all divers want to experience for at least once in a lifetime. From the breathtaking reefs in Bangka-Gangga, the steep coral walls of Bunaken National Marine Park, to the enchanting world of nature’s little wonders in Lembeh Strait. If you are not a diver, these destinations are also perfect […]

The complete list of the best Sulawesi travel destinations

Sulawesi travel Credit to apla kai omorfa from flickr

Sulawesi is one of the main islands of Indonesia and top travel destinations in the country. Sulawesi travel may not be as popular as Bali or Lombok travel, but it offers nothing less than magnificent nature attractions and rewarding trip to take. As introduced earlier in this page that Sulawesi is classified into Southern, Southeast, […]