Bandung travel guide, all you need to know

Bandung travel guide Credit to Everyone Sinks Starco

Bandung Travel Guide Overview This page provides you all information regarding Bandung travel guide, it is useful information to read before traveling to Bandung, west Java, Indonesia. Bandung is is the capital city of West Java, and the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. This city is also known as Parijs van […]

The ultimate travel guide to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is also pronounced and written as Jogjakarta or Jogja, the capital of Special Region of Yogyakarta province, part of Central Java, Indonesia. Not to confuse with the central java province which has Semarang as its capital city. Overview It is a lively city populated by about half a million people and the most popular tourist […]

Your guide to Magnificently Beautiful Mount Bromo Java

The Mount Bromo Sunrise by Indra Bastari

Mount Bromo Java Overview One of the most popular places to visit in Indonesia is Mount Bromo Java, in Indonesian called “Gunung Bromo”, it is about 2770 above the sea level. The name of Bomo is Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, it means the Hindu creator god. Mount bromo is part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National […]

The practical guide to get to mount Bromo Java from Yogyakarta

Indonesia Travel Guide

I have seen in some travel forums, that, it is very often people ask the same questions, ‘How to travel to Mount Bromo Java from Yogyakarta’. Which makes sense as from Yogyakarta – Mount Bromo is most common route to get there while doing your Java trip, besides Mount Bromo is one of the most […]