The best Sumatra travel destinations to visit

Weh Island - The picture I took on my trip (for many times)

Sumatra lies in western part of Indonesia consisting of 9 provinces. The lush and pristine rainforest, world class surfing and diving sites are just some of Sumatra travel attractions offered. Even Though it is not as popular as Bali or Lombok but it is surely have nothing less compared to those two tourist destinations. So, […]

The ultimate guide to Lake Toba, the mythical ocean blue lake in Sumatra

Lake Toba view in the morning

Lake Toba Travel Guide – Lake Toba is a massive volcanic lake covering an area of 1,707 km², located in Parapat area in North Sumatra Province, on Sumatra Island Indonesia. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, and the deepest in the world. It was formed 75,000 years ago, after an earth splitting […]

The ultimate guide to Kapuas River, the Indonesia borneo adventure

Kalimantan Borneo Adventure credit to Marc Veraart

Borneo adventure – Passed by the equator, lush green forest and winding rivers, Borneo offers the abundant natural life, including the longest river in Indonesia, Kapuas River (“Sungai Kapuas”). The ultimate guide to Borneo adventure; Exploring the Kapuas River If you are an adventure enthusiast, exploring the Kapuas River, the longest river in Indonesia, is […]

Padang Bai Guide Bali – All you need to know

Things to do in Padang Bai Credit to macronix

Padang Bai is the small beach town where you can feel the real traveller vibe, located in eastern Bali,  closed to Candidasa. Padang Bai is also where the harbour for the public ferry connecting Bali with Lombok and Gili Islands located. It is not just a port town, but it also has so much beauties […]

15 top things to do in Yogyakarta Java Indonesia

Prambanan Temple credit to Flickr Arwin

Experience the special Yogyakarta, featuring its beautiful cultures, natures and more. Enjoy your holiday at most with these 20 things to do in Yogyakarta 15 top things to do in Yogyakarta 1. Visit the majestic and iconic Borobudur Prambanan temples using the joint tickets Technically Borobudur temple is not located in Yogyakarta but most of […]

The ultimate travel guide to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is also pronounced and written as Jogjakarta or Jogja, the capital of Special Region of Yogyakarta province, part of Central Java, Indonesia. Not to confuse with the central java province which has Semarang as its capital city. Overview It is a lively city populated by about half a million people and the most popular tourist […]

The ultimate guide to Gili Meno Lombok Indonesia

Deep Blue Sky on Gili Meno Lombok Indonesia - Credit to Fadli Besyemeleh

Gili Meno is little paradise in between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. This island only populated by 400 people, considered as the mellowest of the three popular islands, the family and honeymooners destination, and offers spectacular tropical beach. It is also known having the best beach compared to Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. And it […]

Raja Ampat dive sites, Indonesia

Raja Ampat dive sites - Credit to Ratha Grimes

Raja Ampat dive sites – Raja Ampat is the paradise on the earth and the dream destination for the diving enthusiasts. This pristine island is probably the hottest diving spot in the world by far. Raja Ampat dive sites and surrounding area are spread over vast distances. Here’s the list of Raja Ampat dive sites […]