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Lombok By Wahyu Widhi

Best things to do in Lombok – Lombok is only 30 minutes flight away from Bali, it is also where the 3 popular Gilli Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air) are located.

This island offers many awesome things to do; the beautiful pink beach, world class diving and surfing spots, the majesty mount Rinjani and more.

Here’s the best of things to do in Lombok

1. Snorkeling at the pristine Pink Beach

The real name of this beach is actually Tangsi Beach, because of the unique pink hue sand of this beach that’s why it is called Pink Beach. It has perfect and pristine snorkeling spots and pleasant for swimming too.

You can also canoeing around the sheltered bay by this beach.

Lombok Pink Beach by Schristia
Lombok Pink Beach by Schristia

2. Climb the magnificent Mount Rinjani

The iconic nature attraction in Lombok Island, it is the magnificent Mount Rinjani, and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia sits at 3,726 meter above the sea level.

Hiring a guide is a must to climb Mount Rinjani. The most common Rinjani package is 3 days hikes that also allow you to take your time enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes offered.

Mount Rinjani by Thomas Baron
Mount Rinjani by Thomas Baron

3. Enjoy Aik Kalak Hot Springs

When you are hiking mount Rinjani make sure to stop by Air Kalak hot springs located  about 200 meters from the main Rinjani campsite.

Having hot spring bath after long hiking is such a brilliant idea, besides, they say that the water of this hot sprint offers great medicinal benefits because of the high volcanic mineral contents in it.

Aik Kalak Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia
Aik Kalak Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

4. Camping at Segara Anak Lake

The beautiful Segara Anak lake is located inside the caldera of Rinjani mountain, and is surrounded by lush vegetation that gives you one of the most amazing things offered by the Mother Nature.

Don’t just stop over here but make sure to stay overnight in the camp too, enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters during the day followed by the spectacular stars over the rim as night falls.

Segara Anak Lake Rinjani Lombok Indonesia by RV
Segara Anak Lake Rinjani Lombok Indonesia by RV

5. Take a pleasant trekking to Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep is super beautiful waterfall located at the Senaru village north of Lombok. You just need to do 45 minutes hiking in the lush jungle featuring a number of the local flora and fauna to get to the waterfall.

The waterfall pool is also safe and pleasant for swimming

Tie Kelep Waterfall Lombok
Tie Kelep Waterfall Lombok Indonesia by Victor Ulijn

6. Chill at the Senggigi beach

Senggigi is one of the main tourist parts on the island, even though it is the main tourist area you will not find Senggigi as busy as other touristy beaches in Bali. It is nice to relax and have a bit of sunbathe here and probably wait for the beautiful sunset in the evening.

There are also a number of cafes in Senggigi where you can have some food and drinks, and also Hotels by the beach with nice beach atmosphere.

Senggigi Sunset Lombok Indonesia by Hendri Arba
Senggigi Sunset Lombok Indonesia by Hendri Arba

7. Visit Lombok Pearl Farm

Lombok is also popular with its pearl farms that produces some of the greatest pearls in Southeast Asia. If you want to know more about pearl cultivation, Autore Pearl Farm is a perfect place to visit.

You may also purchase some fine pearl products to support the local pearl farming business in Lombok.

8. Watch sunset at Kuta beach Lombok

Just like in Bali, Kuta also has a beach called kuta beach only that it is not as crowded as Kuta Bali, it is smaller and quieter. Kuta is a town in Lombok where some beautiful beaches located.

Golden Sunset at Kuta Beach Lombok Indonesia
Golden Sunset at Kuta Beach Lombok Indonesia By Fadil Basymeleh

9. Embrace the beauty of Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak offers beautiful scenic bay and clean white sand, located at the South Lombok and is one of most beautiful beach on the island. And you may also enjoy local food and fresh young coconut.

This beach is also known as one of the surfing spot although the waves are not as consistent as some beaches in Bali.

Serong Balanak Beach Lombok Indonesia By celebrityabc
Serong Balanak Beach Lombok Indonesia By Celebrityabc

10. Enjoy the beautiful views from Bukit Pergasingan

If doing the real hiking like climbing mount Rinjani is not your cup of tea, you may want to enjoy an easier trekking Bukit Pergasingan instead, the hillside hat sits at around 1,700 meters above sea level.

The landscapes and view are superb, here you can enjoy the lush green rice fields, Sembalun Village and its beautiful surrounding scenery

11. Get to know Lombok ancient architecture at Narmada Water Park

The Narmada Water Park was built in 1727 under the sage guidance of King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem and is seen as an important religious and spiritual retreat for those who practice Hinduism.

The architecture of this water park is amazing built to mirror the shape of Mount Rinjani Mountain, and it is surrounded by the lush gardens featuring its fresh natural springs.

12. Island hopping to Sekotong Islands

This island can be visited on a day tour from the main island of Lombok, and it is not as popular as the 3 Gilis therefore it is great idea if you feel like having a relaxing quiet time.

Sekotong islands offers the clean white sandy beaches and beautiful pretty outlying coral reefs which is perfect for snorkeling.

Sekotong Island Lombok Indonesia by Franklin Heijnen
Sekotong Island Lombok Indonesia by Franklin Heijnen

13. Visit Tetebatu Village

Tetebatu Village is similar in some ways to Ubud in neighboring Bali.

And it is also great place to learn more about the culture of the indigenous people of Lombok, called the Sasak.

14. Go for a hike to Tanjung Ringgit

If you like hiking then make sure not to leave Tanjung Ringgit off the itinerary, as this is one of the best trekking spots on the island.

Located in the south of Lombok, Tanjung Ringgit is covered in lush fields and you can enjoy views that stretch all the way across the sea.

15. Trekking to Mangku Sakti Waterfall

Mangku Sakti Waterfall is one of the most impressive in Lombok and is actually a number of cataracts that join together to pour down into a scenic gorge.

The trek out to the waterfall is an experience in itself as you will have to walk along a series of small and winding pathways through the forest, but the scenery more than makes up for the hike.

Mangku Sakti Waterfall by Indonesia Vacanza
Mangku Sakti Waterfall Lombok Indonesia by Indonesia Vacanza

16. Hiking to Benang Kelambu Waterfall

Benang Kelambu Waterfall stands at over 20 meters high and the water gushes over a tumbling cliff before crashing into a pool below.

Kelambu Waterfall yohana wina
Kelambu Waterfall Lombok Indonesia by Yohana Wina

17. Visit the beautiful volcanic formations Semeti Beach

Semeti beach is covered by volcanic rocks along along with a series of small pools, bays, and inlets, cool blow holes formed by powerful waves hit the coast.

18. Visit the weaving textile home industry at Sukarare Village

One of the best places where you can witness Indonesia ikat tenun (hand weaving) fabrics making, you can also learn weaving at the workshop in village.

19. Learn more about Sasak culture at Beleq Village

Beleq Village actually dates from the 14th century which means that it has a fascinating history, and you will find a range of traditional Sasak houses as well as a village hall and some typical Lombok-style gazebos called berugak.

One of the most interesting things about the village is that it hasn’t changed much over the years, although it is still a tourist village aimed at educating visitors about the traditional Sasak way of life.

20. Visit Gunung Tunak National Park

Gunung Tunak National Park is a well-protected green site located in the southern part of Lombok. It offers a great trekking experience within beautiful jungles that can take you to the hidden beaches and an old lighthouse that stands on the cliff side.

21. Explore Gili Layar

Gili in Sasak language means Islands, there a number of beautiful Gilis located in Lombok not only the 3 Gilis.

Gili Layar is known as ‘The Secret Gili’ located to the west of the three main Gili Islands and has a relaxing and laid back atmosphere where you can also enjoy the beautiful underwater life.

22. Visit the world known party island, Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the biggest island than Gili Air and Gili Meno. Even though it is popular as a party island but don’t assume it is anything like Bali.

This island has only a small road and the only way to get around is by cycling or taking an old fashioned horse and cart. Besides, it is a small island though, therefore it is also pleasant to have a walk around the island and along the beautiful beach.

And sunbathing and swimming are also great things to do in the island. This island also offers beautiful marine life and great for diving and snorkeling.

During the day you can also enjoy the rest of what Gili Trawangan has to offer in the form of pristine white beaches and clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling or diving.

23. Relaxing at Gili Air

After having a big night partying at Gili Trawangan, it is good idea to have some relaxing time ay Gili Air, it is the second largest of the three main Gili Islands.

Gili Air is also popular with its world class diving spots and the visibility is great.

24. Snorkeling at Gili Meno

Last but not least, don’t leave your three main Gili Islands trip before visiting Gili Meno, it is the smallest islands amongst the other three. It is also the popular destinations for the family and honeymooners.

Deep Blue Sky on Gili Meno Lombok Indonesia by Fadli Besyemeleh
Deep Blue Sky on Gili Meno Lombok Indonesia by Fadli Besyemeleh

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