Where is Bali? Bali Map and the exact location

Where is Bali

“Where is Bali?”, it is probably the question of many people since almost everyone has heard about this Indonesia’s island but maybe still have no idea where it is located.

Bali is indeed the very popular island compared to other islands in Indonesia, as it has been the world famous tourist destinations and is for sure the top Indonesia destinations since forever.

The exotic beaches, world class diving spots, paradise for the surfers, outstanding landscapes and natures, amazing cultures, super friendly people and much more!

And not to mentions the perfect climate and relaxed atmosphere, a paradise for honeymooners, world class yoga and meditation center and list goes on.

To answer your question of “where is Bali?”

Bali is one of the main islands in Indonesia country, administratively it is one of the provinces in Indonesia and its capital city is Denpasar, so Bali is not a country.

It is located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java Island to the west and Lombok to the east.

Fast Bali Facts
Name of the island : Bali
Capital City: Denpasar
Population: 3,891,428 (2010 est.)
World Populations (all countries)
Currency: Indonesian rupiah
(conversion rates)

To get a better picture and to even answer more of your “where is Bali” question, I have marked Bali in the world globe map as you could see below:

Where is Bali
Where is Bali

Hope this answers your question, to learn more about Bali and Bali tourism please visit this page.

And if you have more questions about Bali or even other questions related to Indonesia travel, feel free to drop me messages. Using my local knowledge as an Indonesian I would be happy to answer your questions as much as I could.

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