51 top Things to Do in Bali, a complete list!

bali legong dance credit to Fred Gaghauna

Here’s we’ve listed 51 top things to do in Bali that help to planning your Bali trip and enjoy it at most. Feel free to advise us if we’ve missed any attractions that we may consider to add more.

Outdoor activities and get back to the nature!

1. Climbing the magnificent Mount Agung

Climbing the roof of Bali, Mount Agung is for sure one of must things to do, especially for those who are into mountaineering.

It is an active volcano and the highest one in Bali. It is located at the East Bali which also dominates the landscape at East side and has not erupted since 1963.

It takes about two to three hours to ascend and is one the most accessible active volcanoes in Indonesia, and it can be faster to descend.

Full guide to mount Agung mountain please visit our post here. 

2. Watch the mind blowing sunrise from the top of Mount Batur

The mind blowing golden sunrise at mount Batur is totally worth waking up early for. This is also listed in the top things to do in Ubud.

Find out more about mount batur and guide on mount batur hiking here. 

Things to do in Bali - mount batur sunrise
One of top things to do in Bali – watching mount batur sunrise

3. Scuba diving at world popular diving spots

Scuba diving in Bali is definitely a must thing to do for those who are into diving. Bali offers the scuba diving for all level of diving skill.

Amed, Padang Bay, and Pulau Menjangan are the best diving sites for the beginner as it has very light or often no current at all. While for more experience divers, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Candidasa are great locations as this area has many drift dives.

Bali Scuba Diving
Bali Scuba Diving

4. Snorkeling and enjoy the magnificent Bali Marine life

For those who don’t dive but still want to enjoy the beautiful marine life in Bali, snorkeling is your choice. The East Coast from Padang Bay to Amed offers great visibility for snorkeling.

Snorkeling in Bali by Dronepicr
Snorkeling in Bali by Dronepicr

5. Try the Freediving

Another one of many best things to in Bali is trying the freediving. It is an awesome water activity that can be done by almost anyone. It is the combination between water sport, art and movement meditation at the same time.

Free Diving Photo Credit to By Zola Chen
Freediving Photo Credit to By Zola Chen

6. Surfing in warm water at Bali beach

Bali has the world class surfing spots that offer warm water, cheap living cost and awesome waves that makes those who are into surfing often keep coming back for more surfing in Bali.

The beaches on the bukit peninsula; Padang Padang Right, Dreamland, Kuta, Medewi,  and Canggu suits best the beginner to the intermediate surfers.

While for the more experienced surfers normally prefer the big breaks off the Bukit Peninsula.

Surfing in Bali Photo credit to Marc oh
Surfing in Bali Photo credit to Marc oh

7. Swimming at the clear crystal water secret beach at Suluban Beach

If you want to avoid the touristic crowds but not too far away for the crowd, then Suluban beach is perfect choice for swimming. This beach has warm clear crystal water and also great to be captured for your instagram posts.

Suluban Beach Credit to Aleksandr Zykov
Suluban Beach Credit to Aleksandr Zykov

8. Check out the Pirates of the Caribbean like Uluwatu – Suluban Cave

This cave is located directly under Uluwatu, it leads up to the beach near Uluwatu Temple. The cave looks like in the Pirates of the Caribbean series movie scene, it worth checking out and maybe taking some pictures to show off on your instagram wall.

Suruban Uluwatu Cave Credit to 23kelly
Suruban Uluwatu Cave Credit to 23kelly

9. More swimming and get your skin tanned at Geger Beach

The other good option and have easy access for swimming in Bali is Geger Beach, it is a lot less crowded than Kuta and Seminyak. It is part of Nusa dua beach, find out about Nusa dua beach here.

10. Get involved in releasing baby turtles at Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Center program aims to protect sea turtle eggs and increase hatching rates. The travellers can join to release the baby turtle into the ocean and feel the awesome feeling from setting these baby turtle free to where they belong.

Check out the Bali Sea Turtle Society Facebook page for the updates – where you can find their  schedule of releasing the turtles.

11. Do water rafting

Get your adrenalin released by having water rafting, it is a great way to have fun and get your adrenaline released in the nature. Ubud river is the best place to do this fun water sport.

12. Canoeing instead of rafting

If you don’t feel like doing rafting, try canoeing at Ubud Bali holy lake instead, and enjoy paddling at the calm lake beneath the looming shadow of an active volcano Mount Batur.

13. Paragliding, watch Bali from the  top

Watching the beautiful Bali from the sky gives you an unforgettable experience that you should try. A number of trustworthy companies provide this service including in Nusa Dua.

14. Hillside cycling in Ubud

If you are in a good shape, doing hillside cycling in Ubud is really worth doing.

Ubud cycling paths and views
One of Ubud cycling paths and views

15. Take a cycle tour and cycling around the local farms

If the hillside cycling is too hardcore for you, you can also enjoy the easy and nice cycling around the local farm in Ubud.

Join the cycling tour which only cost you around US$ 15 – US$ 40 for the whole day, depending on destinations and also your bargaining skill.

16. Do Jungle Trekking in Bali

The north part of Bali, especially Munduk Village is popular with the beautiful scenery and fascinating walks and treks. Book your 2 hours to half day trip. There are many reputable companies offer this service at your choice.

17. Try Bungy Jumping on the beach in Seminyak

If you are up for thrills and the adrenaline junkies then bungee jumping is really awesome experience to try in bali, you can find a reputable company provides this service in Seminyak.

18. Visit Bali National Park

Enjoy trekking in beautiful Bali national park in West Bali National Park, Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu Kupu) in Wanasari, or at the Bali Botanical Gardens in Bedugul.

19. Take a walk by the beach

Snorkeling and diving are not your cup of tea? Take a nice walk, enjoying the fresh breezy beach and calming wave sounds I believe can be great things to do on your Bali visit. Which beach? Bali has beach all over the places, so pick the most convenient one for you.

20. Have adventurous fun at Waterbom Bali

If you enjoy the activities that get your adrenaline going, have an exciting water slides at over 3 hectares waterbom Bali tropical park.

21. Fishing at Benoa Harbour and Serangan

One of other most popular things to do in Bali is fishing, trolling, jigging and bottom fishing can all be very rewarding. The most popular fishing spots in Bali are Benoa Harbour and nearby Serangan close to Kuta.

22. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Get your eyes pampered by the large paddy field stairs, fresh and breezy air under the beautiful sky with the warm sun light.

Tegalalang rice terrace by Alex Handoko
Tegalalang rice terrace by Alex Handoko, the must things to do in Ubud Bali

23. Watch the sunset at the the rice fields

Make sure to do yourself a favor by put the insect repellent on, then you are good to go for a breathtaking sunset views.

24. Ride a motorbike

Motorcycles rental services are all over the place in Bali, just make sure to have your international license and stay safe! The daily rental cost you around US$6, make sure to bargain if the price is too high.

Bali sightseeing and Cultures

25. Experience the shower at holy water at Tirta Empul

Soak your head and enjoy the fresh water and feel the different after, weather you are spiritual or not, this worth trying, however some people also coming here for sightseeing only.

26. Goa Gajah, the eternal youth temple

Goa Gajah literally translated as Elephant Cave in English is the temple from the 9th century, the name is derived from “Elephant” for the education symbol, and “cave” as it was used as a school hundred years ago.

The 6 statues of women with the water streaming out of a pot attached to their bellies, which was originally 7 statues but one of them was destroyed by the earthquake. The water is totally safe to drink and they say it can give you the eternal youth, nothing to lose to try, right?

As this place is considered as the holy temple, therefore, wearing sarong is required, you can borrow the sarong at the entrance if you are wearing short or mini skirt.

27. Visit the sacred Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud monkey forest is where many temples are located.  Buying a bunch of bananas maybe good gift for them, just be careful. Make sure to put all your stuff (including your drinking bottle) in your backpack as they will find it is tempting, but not something to worry about though.

Find out your ultimate guide to Ubud monkey forest here.

Thing to do in Bali - Ubud monkey forest
Thing to do in Bali – Ubud monkey forest

28. Visiting Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)

ARMA is located in Ubud, one of the most impressive museums in Bali, where the great collections of a German artist Walter Spies, the 19th-century Javanese artist Raden Saleh and other classical pieces of Lempad, Affandi and Le Mayeur are exhibited.

You could also watch art events hosted by ARMA that introduce the true Balinese cultures.

29. Visit the place where the Royal family live, Ubud Palace

Ubud Palace is in one of the most prominent places in Ubud, where the Royal family currently live. Visiting this palace is also one the most popular things to do in Bali.

30. Watch the traditional Balinese dance (Kecak Fire)

Watching kecak fire dance gives you the opportunity to experience and learn more about the deep religion and culture of Bali, and it is also intensely beautiful at the same time.

31. Have a cup of kopi luwak

Kopi luwak is brewed from coffee seeds that have been eaten and expelled by Asian palm civet cats, a breed that resembles ferrets and the taste is superb!

32. Visit abandoned amusement park

Do you want to experience the feeling of being in the haunted site? You should try this park.

Food and Drinks

33. Dinner by the sunset at Jimbaran Beach

After long day, settle down for magnificent sunset while having a super delicious seafood at Jimbaran beach is definitely a great idea!

34. Cafe hopping

Café lovers, Bali is your paradise! Bali offers lots of awesome cafes almost at every corners, check them out at the popular places like Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud or Canggu.

35. Dine in the middle of paddy fields

Having dinner in the chilling rice fields is definitely the other things that you should do when you are in Bali.

36. Try local food at the street vendor

Don’t go home before trying some of authentic Balinese local food like Nasi jenggo, nasi goreng, babi guling, bakso and so much more!

37. Have the delicious satay at fashionable Petitenget beach, Seminyak

Fancy for the delicious satay, and the breezy beach atmosphere as the bonus? Then order some satay when you are at fashionable Seminyak area, Petitenget beach. The price of the satay is pretty affordable, and order some fresh young coconut too.


38. Calm your body and mind by taking Yoga class

What could be better than experiencing yoga and meditation in the island of God right? Beside, Bali is one of the destinations for the yogis from all over the world.

A number of yoga centers in bali offer single entry and long term yoga class for all levels, so not to worry even you are the beginner.

39. Get pampered by super relaxing massage

Then of course get yourself pampered with many options of great massages at affordable price, you will not regret but want more!

40. Try the body scrub and deep detox

And of course massage and body scrub and deep detox make a perfect self-gift.

Shopping til drop

Bali is one of world shopping paradise, seriously. So why don’t try visiting the following places and shop til drop but don’t lose yourself though!

41. Explore the Alley Of Art at Legian Street

Legian Street sells many options or beautiful art pieces, souvenirs, and more. Use your bargain skill!

42. Experience traditional shopping at Ubud Market

It is where you can find a number of local products at affordable prices, but don’t let them fool you by marking the price up, so do bargain!

43. Kuta Art Market shopping time!

Kuta art market has lots of shops located right beside Kuta Beach. The shops sell many collections of accessories, standard souvenirs and pretty clothes too.

44. Krisna Shopping centre

Krisna is a one-stop shop for all your souvenirs, Balinese beauty products, and food.


45. Learn to ride the waves at Odyssey’s Surf School

Is surfing is in your bucket list? You are at the right place, and Odyssey’s Surf School one of the most popular places where you can take surfing class.

46. Wood carving

ARMA is one of famous place where you can learn wood carving, there are also little shop offer the same service, so it is at your choice.

47. Learn Batik

The basic batik making is not that difficult, so why not taking a class to learn this world known traditional textile making while you are in Bali.

Fascinating Bali nightlife

48. Have a pool party

Are you the party goers? Then pool party in Bali is definitely things to in Bali that should be on your list.

49. Skygarden

Don’t claim yourself as the partygoers if you don’t check this mega-clubs, it houses 8 pubs and clubs under one roof, dance like nobody is watching at the dance floor and you can always go to the roof top if you need a fresh air.

50. Have a cocktail at Cocoon

If you want the more relaxing atmosphere a cocktail by the pool in the evening then Cocoon is your choice.

51. Meet people and make new friends at Potato Head

Potato Head is busier than Cocoon that offers almost the same atmosphere.

Well, even though this article says that it is the complete list, seriously this may not cover all. So please feel free to suggest for more if you know any.

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